Barrientos lends a helping hand

FELIX Barrientos, a successful Filipino tennis player in the 1980s, has been named one of the trustees for the Philippine Tennis Academy (PTA).

“I am just glad to be able to help Philippine tennis. I believe there has been no cohesive program like this and the people behind PTA have no vested interest. They are doing it for their sheer love of the sport, “said Barrientos, now a private banker based in Singapore.

As a trustee of the PTA, his role is to share his knowledge as an international tennis player and impart his knowledge based on his long experience.

“I have to help our young players compete as a global player just as were trained during our times. I also need to help the PTA be a self-sustaining program and what I do is connect it to the corporate world. This is a long term program and so far, some interest has been shown by the private sector,” said Barrientos, who is best remembered for his monicker ‘Bionic Boy’ in the local tennis circuit.

The PTA was launched last year by the likes of Jean Henri Lhuillier, Oscar Hilado, Rommie Chan, and Hanky Lee, with the objective of identifying and training young tennis talents in the countryside.


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