Lhuillier backs PTA program

MANILA, Philippines - Long-time tennis patron, sportsman-businessman Jean Henri Lhuillier is among the primary backers of the Philippine Tennis Academy (PTA) which was organized in August last year to identify and train young tennis hopefuls in the countryside with the primary objective of producing a top 100 junior International Tennis Federation player.

“I have been supporting Philippine tennis for a long time under the PJ Lhuillier group, we have sponsored men’s professional events, we run around 18 junior tournaments every year, and we also support our national teams in the SEA Games, Asian Games, and the Davis Cup, “ said Lhuillier.

He has also been involved with helping develop local tennis coaches and this time with the PTA, Lhuillier is looking at a more focused and effective way of discovering and training new talents at the grassroots level.

“We believe that it is a matter of time that we will be able to develop a Filipino tennis player from the many young talents we are discovering in the countryside, more so if we are able to get them tennis scholarships in American colleges, “ said Lhuillier.

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