Manila Bulletin – Davis Cup Win Lauded

Published: April 9, 2013

UNA senatorial candidate Jack Enrile lauded the Philippines’ 4-1 victory while expressing hopes for an upset win by the country over New Zealand in the next round.

Enrile said that the Philippine win over Thailand showed that tennis, like the sport of practical shooting, is an event in which Filipinos can be very competitive internationally.

Enrile is the founder of the Philippine Practical Shooting Association, whose members harvested 63 medals (30 gold, 22 silver and 11 bronzes) in the Handgun Championships held in New Zealand.

“Our shooters did very well in New Zealand and I have high hopes that our Davis Cup netters would buck tall odds in beating their New Zealand rivals. I know that’s a tall order because the Kiwis defeated us resoundingly in 2011,” said Enrile.

Tennis and practical shooting are two sports in which size or height hardly matters, said Enrile.


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